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Even the smallest business can benefit from automation
What was the pain point of this business?
LBF actors contracted us to build a dynamic website that replaces a time consuming manual process and increases turn around time by more than 60%.
When we first met my client she had a static website, solely as a presence on the web, a point of contact.
She used to assemble all her Casting Subs manually, and email them across to directors.
The website we created is an online searchable library of all the actors on her books. Searchable by all the possible information and categories that she has on them.
That is the public-facing functionality.
For LBF actors website became a casting platform that let the Head of Agency dynamically pick and assemble an email-able pdf at the click of a button.
The PDFs have click-able links which connect directly to the actors' online bio.
They are able to submit "real sibling" groups or families as well which has given them an advantage in the field.
My client was able to reduce the time it took them to assemble these subs (collections of bios put forward for a specific role) by around 50%, which had a  huge mpact n their business.